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In the past few weeks since the news of a potential game-changing new technology has been released on the market, we have seen a lot of concerns from different sectors and fields. The main reason behind this is that people simply do not know what they should be worried about or afraid of. It’s hard to understand how dangerous it can be for some people and for society as a whole. The good thing is that there are also many solutions being offered by experts in different industries and fields to help in understanding and handling this new technology. I am talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solutions, which are being developed by various organizations and institutions across the world. Some of these solutions have already been launched in certain sectors, while others will be slowly being introduced into various other industries over the coming years. However, they all share one common goal – making us safer.

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What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a kind of technology that allows a machine to learn and do things that we as humans can’t do. The main goal of AI is to help in predicting future human behaviour, decide what course of action to take and make decisions. AI is generally divided into three categories – Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Behaviour. Let’s look into these one by one.

Why Is AI Important?

Artificial Intelligence is developing at an exponential rate and will soon become a part of our daily lives. It’s not only being used for health and medical issues but is being employed in security, education, development, financial services, transportation, retail and many other fields. AI-based solutions are likely to save more lives than human beings in the near future. Let’s take an example – every year, more than 50,000 people die due to medical negligence. On the other hand, AI-based solutions like AI-enabled medical database, AI-enabled decision support systems, AI-enabled bots for customer service, AI-enabled safety nets for social security, etc. can significantly reduce the incidence of such negligence.

10 Developments That Are Driven by AI

Artificial Intelligence technology is responsible for the development of autonomous cars, autonomous delivery bots, autonomous healthcare services, autonomous shipping scheduling, autonomous financial services, autonomous search engines, autonomous legal services, autonomous security systems, AI-enabled virtual assistants, etc. These developments are aimed at making our lives safer and more efficient. They make our activities more personal in nature, removing the human factor from certain tasks. They make our environments more intelligent and protect us from cybercrimes and other online risks. They make our cities and countries more efficient and make transportation safer. And, they make our businesses more profitable.

Benefits of Using AI in Safety Nets

AI is being used in several safety nets in order to predict and prevent potential risks and to offer better assistance to the vulnerable people. For example, it can be used in government social security systems, insurance policies, healthcare systems, financial services, etc. to predict future behaviour of an individual and to offer better assistance. It can be used to offer an accurate decision on whether someone should be provided with a particular service or not. For example, if a person applies for a job, the system can understand the person’s skills and past experience and predict if he/she will be able to complete the work or not. If a person is provided with social security benefits, the system can predict if he/she will be able to survive on the benefits for a certain period of time. And, if someone applies for a medical insurance policy, the system can predict if the person will be able to pay the medical bills of the policyholder in the future.


Artificial Intelligence is a very promising technology that is being implemented by various organizations and institutions across the globe to make us safer. It can be used in various sectors to predict future behaviour of individuals, make decisions to protect us, offer accurate assistance to the vulnerable people, etc. It seems like AI is going to be a great help in the coming years, especially in the field of safety. So, it’s better to stay safe and protected while using AI-based solutions. And, these are only the beginning. We can expect many new developments that are driven by AI in the future. We can only hope that these developments will make us safer and more efficient.

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