The Psychology Behind Potency

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In western cultures, male virility and potency is often equated with potency or potency-giving sex. As such, views on male potency in these cultures typically focus on the physical performance of men during sex, not their mental state. Men are expected to be highly sexual beings and to partake in as much frequent and varied penetrative sex as possible. This is especially true for men of higher socio-economic status. According to the Tarahumara (North Mexican Rancher) tribe of Mexico, there are two types of male vigor: a “force” that comes from playing ball sports and another type that comes from being intimate with women. Both types are necessary for a man’s vitality, but only one can be present at any given time. If a man does not engage in either form of male vigor frequently enough, then it will wane and he will become less virile or even impotent. Impotency may result if this continues. In this article we explore the specific details behind this belief system and its relevance to modern western societies as well as other cultures around the world.

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What is Male Vigor?

For those cultures that have a particularly high focus on male sexual potency, this is often thought to be a result of a high-level of sexual activity and possible frequent coitus (fucking, in colloquial terms) with many different women. For example, in some parts of South Africa and southern Europe, men are often expected to have as many as 10-15 sexual partners each year. Because men in these cultures are expected to engage in a high amount of penetrative sex, they are also expected to be very physically fit. This is because the athletic qualities required for such frequent sex are mostly about strength and endurance. While these qualities are also important for non-penetrative sex, they are not as important.

Why does Male Vigor Matter?

In western cultures, male potency is typically equated with sexual potency. However, sexual potency is only part of the picture of male virility. Beyond the obvious physical aspect of potency lies the mental health of a man and the bond he has with his partner. The primary goal of many men who practice male virility cultures is to become more emotionally present during sex and to better experience the sensations within his body. The goal of western men is typically much more straightforward: to ejaculate as quickly and completely as possible.

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Male Virility and Sexual Performance

In western cultures, the performance of men during sex is often the focus of discussions around male virility. The men themselves, however, often do not want to focus on their performance, but rather on the experience of their partners during the act. For many of them, becoming more “present” during sex is more important, since a performance that is too fast or too sloppy can be disheartening for their partners.

Cultural Differences in the Importance of Male Vigor

Besides the difference in the type of male vigor expected between different cultures, there are also cultural differences in the importance of male sexual potency between societies. For example, the Tarahumara tribe of Mexico has a very different view on male sexual potency than many western cultures. It is believed in this tribe that the vigor or force that comes from playing ball sports is different from the vigor that comes from being intimate with women.

The Psychology Behind Potency

Potency is a complex topic that involves many factors that are not easy to define. Some of these factors are biological, while others are psychological. Biological factors include the structure of a man’s genitals, the health of his reproductive system, his age, and his general health. Psychological factors include his ability to relax and get into the moment, his ability to experience sexual pleasure, and his ability to empathize with his partner.

Is Having a Lot of Sex the Only Way to Become More Potent?

The short answer to this question is “no”. However, some studies have found that if a man has a lot of sex, it could help him become more emotionally present and experience more pleasure in his sex life. This means that having a lot of sex is not the best way to become more potent. However, engaging in frequent non-penetrative sex could actually help a man become more “present” and “emotionally open” during penetrative sex.

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Overall, there is no one definition of “potent” or “potent” sex. The type of male vigor that is important for a man depends on his own situation and the needs of his partner. A man who is emotionally “closed” may need to practice emotional openness to engage in frequent non-penetrative sex. A man who is “emotionally closed” may want to practice being “more emotionally open” during penetrative sex.

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